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Each piece of the Wendell Castle Collection is made in America, by the hands of world-class craftsmen and women at our workshop in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Located a short drive from Wendell’s home, the workshop is nestled in a quiet residential area of Leroy, a small town south west of Rochester, New York. 
Wendell hand picked some of the best craftsmen and women in the world to produce the collection. Each person is an artist in their own right, several having their work published and sold to galleries and private collections. A tight knit group, they approach each piece that they build as if it were their own. Their dedication to impeccable quality and to each other is seen throughout the operation and results in beautiful furniture that can easily be displayed as art.
Just as Wendell is a master in crafting furniture from many materials, each craftsman and woman in the workshop is highly trained in several mediums. Only the highest grade solid wood, including walnut, mahogany, and ash, is used in the structure of Wendell’s sculpted pieces. Molded fiberglass and resin components are expertly shaped and joined to create unique forms, and prepared by our best cabinetmakers to take on gallery quality finishes. Our unique and innovative finishes are applied in painstaking detail using the best technology from the wood furniture and automotive finishing industries. 
The Wendell Castle Collection has built a reputation on the quality American craftsmanship of luxury furniture in Wendell Castle’s vision. Nowhere is this dedication to excellence more evident than at our workshop in New York. Whether it is a piece designed by Wendell, or one of your custom creations, our craftsmen and women approach each piece as their personal statement of quality. Visit one of our showrooms to experience our pieces for yourself, or contact us for more information.
The Wendell Castle Collection – Modern, Designer Furniture – Hand-made in America